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We’re the Cornish Lamb Company

First-generation family farmers producing delicious pasture-fed lamb from our small porthleven farm

Cornish Lamb
The Cornish blend of warm sun and plenty of rain produces luscious grass, and nutritious herbal leys, including those favourite sheep treats, chicory and plantain. Our lambs are born and reared here, and we let them grow at their natural pace. This produces meat with fantastic flavour and texture, and very little fat.
Raised on Cornish Grass

Our lambs lovely diet produces meat that’s lower in total fat and higher in conjugated linoleic acid (cla), minerals, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, beta-carotene and vitamin B than meat from grain-fed animals. Grass feeding is better for the lambs, the environment and the customer. And of course, it tastes incredible!

Meet the Sheep

Our 350 ewes come from 3 different breeds, which we have chosen for their special characteristics.

Pedigree Lleyns

Originating from the Lleyn Peninsula, our welsh sheep are happy in our coastal climes. They make brilliant mums; nurturing, very fertile and superb at milk production. This means their lambs are strong, healthy – and plentiful. Look out for our Lleyns at the Royal Cornwall Show. The meat from this breed is lean and has a wonderful flavour. 


A farming favourite, the Dorset sheep will lamb naturally out of season in November and December, ensuring that we have prime lamb ready for Easter. Dorset lamb is delicious: Juicy and sweetly delicate


Hardy Highlander sheep are a composite breed from New Zealand. They are wonderfully adaptable about their habitat, with the lambs eating nothing but what they forage. As well as making them ideally suited to sustainable farming methods, this produces great-tasting meat.
Meet our sheepdog 
Henry is the latest addition to our team. He’s young but learning fast, as both his parents were also working dogs. He’s brilliant at working in the pens, where he directs the sheep using his bark. The difficulty is keeping him quiet…
Trewithick farm

Our small coastal farm is 500 years old and grade II listed, surrounded by fertile pastures which overlook Loe bar and the Lizard peninsula. Our flocks are moved every few days in the warmer months, ensuring they’re always feeding in the freshest fields. In the the winter, the ewes will often “holiday” in neighbouring dairy fields, enjoying the close-cropped grass!

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The Cornish Lamb Co.

Trewithick Farm Trewithick Road, Breage Helston, TR13 9QA

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